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Fortant - Grands Terroirs


To introduce Southern France’s remarkable crus & terroirs with a focus on old vines grown at high altitudes.


La Livinière is located in the “Petit Causse” region, at the foot of the Black Mountains on 350 hectares. It is made up of a combination of schist, sandstone, quartz, marble and limestone, pebbles, sand and clay up to 400 metres in altitude. The dominant minerality, the due south-facing slopes, and scarcely 400 to 500 mm of rain each year, are all elements that contribute to the power of the La Livinière red wines. Fortunately, the sunny climate is tempered by the airstreams that sweep down the plateau slopes during the night. This gives the wines their freshness, finesse and soft tannins. We believe that what makes this terroir unique is the incredible balance resulting from the blend of the “northern” Syrah and the “southern” Grenache and Mourvèdre grapes. A notable trio that results in a


The grapes in each plot are harvested at their peak of ripeness and vinified separately:
- Syrah: cold pre-fermentation maceration for finesse and minerality followed by lengthy fermentation at moderate temperatures for freshness.
- Grenache: The grapes are machine picked and completely destemmed before undergoing cold pre-fermentation maceration for 48 hours followed by lengthy vatting with gentle extractions and warm post-fermentation maceration.
- Mourvèdre: the grapes are completely destemmed and undergo lengthy vatting with gentle extractions and warm post-fermentation maceration.


Aged 50% in barrels and casks for 12 months to lend length and complexity; 50% in concrete tanks on fine lees for 12 months to develop structure and fruity, spicy aromas and flavours.


The plots that we have selected are therefore chosen for this very uniqueness:
- Syrah grown in Eocene sandstone and marl-based soil for delicate aromas and flavours along with minerality (50% of the blend).
- Grenache and Mourvèdre grown in Devonian calcareous clay soil for power and (40% of the blend for the Grenache and 10% for the Mourvèdre).

Winemaker's notes

This deep red-hued wine features intense scents of ripe fruit, garrigue herbs, olives and truffles. It is rich and smooth on the palate, revealing fresh flavours underpinned by complex balsamic, mentholated notes.