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SULFITE FREE Fortant - Nature de Fortant

Origins of the cuvee

SO2 (sulfite) is an effective preservative that has been widely used in food products since ancient times. It is nevertheless irritating for humans. It is therefore of interest to find alternatives to this additive for the production of healthier, sulfite-free wines.


We have carefully chosen our Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the coastal areas of the Languedoc in order to ensure a maximum of fruitiness and freshness.
The growing methods used embrace the principles of agro-ecology: preservation and development of biodiversity, control over and reduction of the use of fertilizers and plant protection products, water management, and choice of plant material suited to the area’s environment.


The grapes in each plot are harvested at their peak of ripeness and vinified separately: Fermented at moderate temperatures (25°C) to preserve all of the freshness of the fruit, followed by warm post-fermentation maceration to soften the tannins and develop the wine’s texture. .


Aged in concrete/stainless steel tanks on fine lees for 4 months to bring out the fruit and develop texture while maintaining a high level of CO2 to preserve the wine.

Winemaker's notes

This wine is dark red in colour with a generous nose reminiscent of blackcurrant. Round and delectable on the palate with flavours of black fruit and a fresh finish.