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A deep knowledge of the soils and subsoils in Chablis allows J.MOREAU & Fils to identify the shade and character in each terroir, to reveal all its richness and complexity with each new vintage.

Faithful to its origins and culture, the house ages all of its wines with patience: a day in the cellar is as important as one day in the vineyards. The House J. MOREAU & Fils has put its name to great Chablis wines since 1814.

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100% Chardonnay.

Tasting notes

Pale gold in colour with sometimes green hues

Aromatically, the Premier Cru is highly complex. Sometimes closed when it's young, it develops in very few years (between 2-3 years) floral or mineral aromas depending on the vintage.

Deep, structured with Persistent and impressive aromas.

Food and wine pairing

It can be enjoyed young (2-3 years old) with veal or poultry in sauce, crustaceans and shellfish, grilled fish or fresh cheese.

Serving suggestions

Ideal served at a temperature situated between 12 and 14°C (54-57°F.).

Ageing potential

From 5 to 10 years.


Like Chablis appellation, the main bedrock comes from the Jurassic epoch, or more precisely the Kimmeridgean age (150 million years ago). The 34 hectares of the Mont de Milieu “umbrella” vineyard are located on the right bank of the River Serein in the communes of Fleys and Fyé. It enjoys a geographical situation comparable to those of the grand crus and its south/south-east aspect guarantee extremely good sunshine.

Vinification and maturing

The grapes or the must come from purchase contracts. We chose to work with talentuous winemakers, leaders in their appellations, and respectful of their terroir. Vinified on our own site, our Chablis Premier Cru benefit from the same attention as our other wines. The juice is delicately extracted by a long pneumatic pressing. That ensure a juice of hight quality thanks to homogeneous extraction, safeguarding grapes integrity. Then it’s settled by natural decanting, also called static clarification. Alcohol fermentation is carried out in a stainless steel tanks under controlled temperatures (18 to 20°C) to preserve the fineness and the freshness of the Chardonnay. Once, when malolactic fermentation ends – in January - the wine is left to age in oak barrel and on fine lees for 12 months, with softs lees stirring to bring fullness and complexity to the wine.


The most recent list of Chablis premier crus was established in 1986.  Seventy-nine place names were listed there covering an area of some 700 hectares. The winegrowers of Chablis organized these into 17 “umbrella” vineyards. The vines are planted along the valley of the Serein river in the communes of Chablis, Fontenay, Maligny, Chichée, La Chapelle-Vaupelteigne, Courgis, Fleys and Beines