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Vin de France


Vins de France may be produced throughout France using exclusively French-grown grapes. This regulation is strictly adhered to. These are the Cellar Master’s wines as it is he who decides which of the growers’cuvées to select, how to vinify and age them, as well as when to bottle them. The style of the wine therefore depends significantly on his assessment. Vins de France really give the Cellar Master the opportunity to give the wine his signature touch based on his highly personal judgement.


Grenache and Cinsault.

Tasting notes

COLOUR Candy pink in colour with beautiful highlights, brilliant.

NOSE A touch of dried fruit and citrus with predominant yet discrete floral notes.

PALATE Well-balanced and round with favours of alcohol-preserved fruit and marked citrus notes.

Food and wine pairing

Taboulé, brochettes

Serving suggestions

Chilled, 13° C

Ageing potential

Because it is not attached to a particular vintage, it is bottled when it is ready to drink. It may therefore be enjoyed immediately. However, it can benefit from cellaring. You may keep this wine for 2 to 3 years.