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Tissot-Maire is the alliance between vineyard experience and winemaking know-how which existed for several generations.



"Lapiaz", a nod to a specific geological formation in the Jura. The Brut Lapiaz symbolizes the rough and rustic climate of the Jura which gives our Crémant du Jura its unique style, with a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Winemaker's insight

The Jura wine region covers 80 kilometers between Burgundy and Switzerland, on the Eastern border of France.
The Brut Lapiaz symbolizes the rough and rustic climate of Jura which gives our Crémant of Jura its unique style

Grape varietals

A wine made from a blend of Jura grape varieties.


Manual harvest. Harvested grapes are transported in crates drilled with holes to keep the fruit integrity. Pressing is done using whole, uncrushed grapes. The last pressed grapes are separated and distilled after fermentation. Maturation on lees lasts at least 12 months.

Tasting notes

Honey nose, creamy froth with delicate notes of white flowers and dried fruits.
Clear and festive attack thanks to the fine bubbles charming your palate.
A fruity balance very delicate.

Food and wine pairing

Perfect for an aperitif, Brut Lapiaz is also ideal for a lunch or a festive dinner. This Crémant du Jura can be served happily with a cheese soufflé, a fish cooked with Crémant, or a nut pie.

Serving suggestions

To be served chilled, between 8° et 10°C.

Autres informations

Dosage : 8g of sugar per liter (Brut)
Alcohol : 12% Vol.