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Blanc de Blancs

Grape varieties

The selection of base wines is made among different grape varieties and depending on the vintage characteristics, in order to obtain the desired style. The grapes that can be used in variable proportions are : Airen, Ugni Blanc, Durello and Chardonnay.


Temperature-controlled natural fermentation in vat. 3 months’ ageing on lees with daily stirring.

Tasting notes

Pale golden color with delicate bubbles.

White fresh fruit bouquet (pear, apple).

A clean fresh attack. Pleasant to the taste thanks to a well-balanced dosage...

Food and wine pairing

This wine will be great with all fishes and seafood but also with white meats. It will also be a perfect ingredient in a Spritz cocktail.

Technical information

Alcohol contents: 11.5%

Doseage: 8 g/L (BRUT)

Serving suggestions

Between 6°C et 8°C.

Available in

20 cl.
75 cl.
150 cl.


Sparkling wine produced in France.