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When Eugène Chevalier established his company in Charnay-lès-Mâcon, near Mâcon, in 1920, he knew that he faced a veritable challenge: the traditional method was already fully successful in Burgundy, in Nuits-Saint-Georges and Rully, but he still had to bring effervescence to the Mâcon region.
Chevalier threw himself into it heart and soul. And he succeeded perfectly.
This touch of distinction is accompanied by the typical south Burgundy character.
The Maison Chevalier also proudly produced sparkling wines using a natural method, whose extended vat ageing allows the expression of the quality of the base wines, the fullness of their maturity and brightness of their aromas.



Selection of best base wines among the various Blanc de Blancs grape varieties blended according to the vintage characteristics to obtain the best expression of the signature of the Maison Chevalier.

Winemaking method

Natural fermentation in VAT with an ageing of 3 months.

Tasting notes

Pale golden colour supported by a pretty bubbles. Expressive and fruity nose with aromas of fruits with white flesh such as peach and pear with a subtle floral note. Lively attack and elegant, fresh and light palate.

Wine and food pairing

As an aperitif or during a meal with seafood and white meat.

Serving suggestions

Between 6 and 8 °C.

Additional components

Alcohol : 11,5 % vol.
Dosage : 8 g/l.
Sparkling Wine
Produced in France