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Since 1865, the spirit of Mommessin has consisted of a Beaujolais soul and a Burgundian heart that define a style that is fruity, powerful and very close to its roots.

The Mommessin spirit stands out for the alliance of two winegrowing regions - Burgundy and the Beaujolais, two cultures that make our wines distinctive and appealing.

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Grape varietal

Black Gamay (Gamay Noir) with white juice.

Serving suggestions

It should be served between 11 and 13°C. (52-55°F.)

Food and wine pairing

A pleasant, friendly wine, to be appreciated at any time of the day, with picnics, before meals, or with cold meats and starters.

Ageing potential

Beaujolais is a highly aromatic wine that could be drunk to enjoy its fruity bouquet. Best between one to 3 years.


Beaujolais A.O.C wines are mainly produced in the south of Villefranche-sur-Saône. The vineyard spreads over 9 700 hectares. It is the most important production area representing 50% of the total production. Only one variety of vine is used in the Beaujolais vineyard : black gamay with white juice which produces red wine. The region also has the highest density of plantations (between 9 000 and 13 000 vines per hectare) which, together with a strict trimming of the vines (12 buds max.), limits the yield. The Beaujolais wine making method is unique and combines ancestral method with modern technique.

Soils made of chalky clay and granite. Average age of vines : 40 years.

Vinification and maturing

Manual harvests. Traditional semi-carbonic Beaujolais vinification during 12 to 15 days to ensure good extraction, with temperatures held at 22-25°C (71-77°F) to protect the fruit of the Gamay grape. Ageing in vats.