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Since 1865, the spirit of Mommessin has consisted of a Beaujolais soul and a Burgundian heart that define a style that is fruity, powerful and very close to its roots.

The Mommessin spirit stands out for the alliance of two winegrowing regions - Burgundy and the Beaujolais, two cultures that make our wines distinctive and appealing.

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Grape varietal

100% Gamay Noir with white juice.

Tasting notes

Colour: Ruby red with light violet tinges.
Nose: Fresh intensity, one notices aromas of small red fruit like strawberry and blackberry with a light vanilla note.
Palate: Structured wine, both fruity and sweet spicy. The tannins are present yet are well melted into the wine’s complexity. A toasted taste is present on the finish giving excellent length.

Serving suggestions

Serve ideally at around 15-16°C. (60°F.) as an aperitif and at 17-19°C. (66°F.) with food.

Food and wine pairing

The perfect match with delicatessen, charcuterie, red meats and cheese.

Ageing potential

Ready to drink now, it can be kept 2 to 3 years.


Region: South Burgundy, Beaujolais area. Mainly from Saint-Julien village.
Soil type: Schistous Granite.
Age of the vines: 45 years.

Vinification and maturing

The grapes are sorted and destemmed for 30% of the cuvée. Maceration lasts approximately 15 days during which pumping over with oxygenation at regular intervals. Temperatures are controlled and maintained at 25-28°C. (77-82°F.). After the pressing, the temperatures are lowered in order to preserve the fruit aromas.

The wine is then transferred to stainless steel vats to keep maximum fruit flavours. Malo-lactic fermentation is 100% made to enable the wine to soften and prepare for bottling.