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Since 1865, the spirit of Mommessin has consisted of a Beaujolais soul and a Burgundian heart that define a style that is fruity, powerful and very close to its roots.

The Mommessin spirit stands out for the alliance of two winegrowing regions - Burgundy and the Beaujolais, two cultures that make our wines distinctive and appealing.

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Grape varietal

Gamay Noir (with withe juice).

Tasting notes

Colour: a cherry ruby color with violet glints.
Nose: a fruity and delicate nose with aromas of blackcurrant and raspberry.
Palate: it is lively soft and has nice fruit.

Serving suggestions

To be served between 13 and 14°C. (55-57°F.).

Food and wine pairing

It is an elegant companion to a plate of assorted cooked meat, white meat, snails and soft cheeses.

Ageing potential

This wine can be kept 3 years.


This crop is the most important of the Mâcon area. It streches on some 2400 ha in Tournus, Cluny, Mâcon triangle.

This is a very old wine producing area. The romans were already growing grapes and the monks of the very powerful and famous “ Abbaye of Cluny ” were quite instrumental in giving birth to Burgundy wine in Mâconnais.

Clayey and siliceous soils.

Vinification and maturing

Harvest: both manual and mechanical.
Wine making: traditional in thermo-regulated vats.
Ageing: in vats.