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Production area

To the north, the Mâcon-Igé appellation meets the Mâcon-Azé appellation, whilst its southern end meets the edge of the village of Verzé and the Mâcon-Verzé appellation. The history of Igé is intimately linked with the hamlet of Domange, whose church of Saint-Pierre, erected in around 953 by the monks of Cluny, is the original parochial center.


From Igé heading south, the landscape widens out into a bowl-shaped area that extends along well-defined limits. To the west, the vines are planted facing the rising sun at between 260 and 420 meters above sea level at Mont Dain, separated from the mountain of Créaut (381m) by the valley of La Petite Mouge. The river also divides the relief to the east, planted up to 324 meters above sea level on the slopes of the hill of Thuzot (324m). This location benefits from a climatic compromise between more southern weather and the coolness of the Haut-Mâconnais.


100% Chardonnay

Tasting notes

A lovely sustained yellow color with sparkling reflections. Expressive on the nose with aromas of mandarin zest, these fresh notes accompanied in a second phase with notes of orchard blossom and tropical fruit like figs and dates. In the mouth, the structure is very smooth, almost sweet, but with none of the heaviness that would detract from its overall balance.

Vinification and maturing

The vinification takes place in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks for 10 days. The extraction is achieved by the “pumping over” technique. Then follows ageing in stainless-steel tanks for 6 months.The soil made of clay and limestones, gives mineral and tight wines with a lemony flavour that is very characteristic.

Food and wine pairing

With its sunny aromatic character and smoothness on the tongue, this wine makes a natural pairing with all kinds of goat cheeses, such as the traditional AOC Mâconnais or its neighboring Charolais for a terroir-themed aperitif. Follow with grilled chicken supremes or mixed fried river fish. This white wine will also bring out the best in local freshwater fish dishes, such as carp with white wine, or pôchouse from Verdun-sur-le-Doubs (a river fish stew cooked in white wine).

Serving suggestions

10-11°C as an aperitif, 11-12°C with food.

Ageing potential

This wine should be consumed while fresh and young or 3 years.