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Since 1865, the spirit of Mommessin has consisted of a Beaujolais soul and a Burgundian heart that define a style that is fruity, powerful and very close to its roots.

The Mommessin spirit stands out for the alliance of two winegrowing regions - Burgundy and the Beaujolais, two cultures that make our wines distinctive and appealing.

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Grape varietal


Tasting notes

Colour: with a beautiful pale and crystalline golden colour.
Nose: the nose offers intense hints of white flowers and light aromas of exotic fruits.
Palate: the mouth is surprising, presenting a beautiful minerality and a perfect balance between roundness and acidity.

Serving suggestions

Best served at a temperature ideally situated between 12° and 14° C. (54-57°F.).

Food and wine pairing

Perfect match as an aperitif or throughout a meal with fish, goat cheeses, oysters.

Ageing potential

This Beaujolais is a wine that is designed to be enjoyed in its youth. It can also keep for several years.


Parcels of our Beaujolais blanc are situated in the village of Saint-Amour, (Rhône) and on the ‘plateau du bois de Loyse’, in the village of La Chapelle de Guinchay near Beaujolais, in Saône-et-Loire.

The soils are mainly composed of limestone and clay interspersed with sandy granite veins.

Vinification and maturing

They Chardonnay grapes were pressed, and musts are settling under control temperature. Then engages the fermentation maintained at low temperature (18-20°C. . 64-68°F.). A short ageing takes place in stainless steel tanks, which aids the preservation of the wine’s minerality, purity of fruit and crisp acidity.